I don’t want your iPad App

August 13, 2011 in IPad Life | Comments (0)

I use Micorosoft Bing, Pulse News, Flipboard, and sometimes FLUD to browse blogs and read news. Quite often I’ll find an interesting story that is hosted on some newspaper or magazine site. Every newspaper and magazine site seems to have its own iPad app these days and, since they can tell I’m running the Safari mobile app, they always a present a page advertising the app before I get to the news story. Sure, I know that this is a modern problem and really not worth complaining about, but really – I don’t need a special app to read news that popped up in the headlines, I’ve already got one. It’s called Safari. These apps are great for regulars, but a regular would find out you had an app through regular reading, not through such obnoxious, in-your-face advertising.

Publishers, I’m thrilled that you have a reader app, but please don’t shove it in my face because I asked to see one article. I don’t want your app.

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