The High Price of Refills

March 15, 2004 in General | Comments (0)

I got a neat little 6-ring notebook that takes those 3 3/4 x 6 3/4″ refill pages. I didn’t need for a calendar or anything (I’ve got a Palm and a Sidekick and Outlook and all that crap – why would I need one more calendar?), so I really just wanted to fill it up with note paper.

Bad news – refills are like $3.30 for 30 sheets. That’s 11 cents a sheet.

I took a page out and dropped by a print shop down the street from us. Asked them to take a ream of paper and bust it out to size, then drill it with 6 holes. $10.60 later, I’ve got 1500 pages to work with (got 3 refill pages per 8 1/2 x 11 sheet). That’s only 7 hundreths of a cent apiece. Hell, the ream of paper itself was only 4 bucks to start with.

Day Runner, Day Timer, Franklin – all those guys can take a walk. They’re making a good living off this stuff, to be sure. If you just need blank space to write in your little notebook, drop by the local print shop and tell them to get chopping. There’s no reason to fork over that kind of dough to those guys.

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