The Rebirth of Crueltown

August 1, 2011 in General,IPad Life | Comments (0)

It’s been over a year since I posted anything on this so-called blog, but when I looked back at the old articles they didn’t seem so bad. Sure, my categories are a good indicator of how old and out of date the thing has gotten, but that doesn’t mean I can’t breath a gust of life back into it. Better to have something worth ignoring than nothing at all. So this post essentially just documents my new dedication to post something here off and on so that it doesn’t just dry up.

So looking back at my last post about the iPad, it’s pretty interesting in retrospective. Since I wrote that, the iPad has completely changed the landscape for portable computing. People can jump up and down about whether iOS or Adroid is better if they want, but so far the iPad has the table market ruled. I’ve seen a couple of interesting new offerings (Toshiba’s Thrive tablet looks especially interesting to me at the moment) but it’s another case where Apple has created the market and now everyone else is jumping in to play. Say what you will about the company and its practices, but I don’t see anyone else inventing the technology space the way that they do. Would you rather have a product that is “better than” someone else’s, or would you rather your product be the one that everyone else is comparing theirs to? Apple keeps setting itself as the standard against which others should be measured.

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