iPhone Passcode and Slide to Unlock

June 28, 2009 in iPhone | Comments (0)

I just sent some feedback to Apple about iPhone OS 3.0. My company requires that I run with a passcode set on my phone, and as of version 3.0, Apple has removed the option to set the time interval on the passcode requirement. I used to be able to set it so it only bugged me for the passcode once every fifteen minutes or once every hour, but now I have to type it every single time I turn the phone on. The only passcode option you have is Require Immediately.

Okay. I don’t like it much, but I can live with having to type my passcode in every time. The thing is, the iPhone also presents you with the Slide to Unlock control when you power it on, so I always have to slide to unlock, then I always have to type in my passcode. Seriously, if I always have to type in my passcode, that ought to be enough. The Slide to Unlock bit is redundant and annoying.

If they’re worried that the Emergency Call button could get pressed accidentally then I would suggest that they put that under a slide control if the password is required. Otherwise the Slide to Unlock control should only present itself if you don’t have to enter the passcode.


I found out that this is only happening on my phone because the Exchange server I connect with appears to be inflicting this limitation on me (a friend of mine who has a Passcode set but does not connect to a corporate server showed me that he still has other options than Require Immediately), so I have to take back at least a little of what I said, but not all of it.

Regardless of the Passcode requirement interval, if the phone is going to insist that you type you Passcode at this power-on, it should not require the Slide to Unlock.


I was browsing this site to learn how to reset my iPhone 3GS and hopefully escape from the horrible battery life I’ve been experiencing. One of the happy side effects is that now I have the passcode timeout settings available again, so if you have upgraded to iPhone OS 3.0 I might recommend that you do the reset, too.

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