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Why can’t Americans drive like Germans?

September 30, 2011 in Rants | Comments (0)

Just spent some time in Germany, and some time on the autobahn. The big thing about the autobahn is not that there is no speed limit, it’s the way that people drive on it. The way that they drive on it is not all that spectacular, except that it is the way that people are supposed to drive on US highways as well: If you’re not passing someone, you move over into the righthand lane.

On the autobahn, if you’re going 90 kph (about 60 mph) in the left lane and someone going 160 kph (about 100 mph) comes up behind you, you’re likely to get creamed, so it’s a good practice to get out of the way. Unfortunately, on American roads, not only are the police in league to slow you down, there is no impetus for anyone to move over, so they just don’t.

I guess here in Florida, back in 2005, they tried to pass legislation to make it illegal to park your happy ass in the left lane and go twenty under the limit, but Governor Bush vetoed SB732 saying that drivers blocking the left lane are “cautious and careful.”

Don’t kid yourself, Mr. Bush. Drivers blocking the left lane are moronic and inconsiderate.

It’s been six years… maybe we should try again?