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Apple Stores don’t carry the 17″ Macbook Pro with the i7 Chip

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Seems odd. I guess they’re standardizing on the fifteen inch model, which you can get in i5 or i7, but they only have i5’s in the seventeens off the shelf. The web site is the same way – i7 is an upgrade for the seventeen inch machine.

Actually I did find one store that had one, but it had the matte display, which is also an upgrade. I wonder if someone ordered it and didn’t claim it.

Anyway, if you want a seventeen inch i7 with a 7200 rpm disk, better get on the web site. You won’t find it in the store.

iPad Life

May 14, 2010 in IPad Life | Comments (3)

I’m one of the early adopters. I had my iPad on April 3rd, day one. I scrambled for eight weeks prior to have a game built and ready and waiting in the app store on day one as well (more on that later). So some six weeks later, I’ve been living with my iPad day to day.

I follow the news, I follow the feeds, I follow the pundits, but for the most part I don’t listen to what they say… No secret that you generally get negative opinions on the web. They’ll tell you that the device will not sell, will not catch on, and will not go mainstream, and in the same breath they’ll tell you that HP and Google and others are bringing tablets go market to compete with the iPad. If it’s destined to fail, why are so many emulating it?

Experts aside, I’ve made up my own mind. I love my iPad. Say what you will about the on screen keyboard, but I’m a fast touch typist, and I’m getting to where I can type pretty near full speed on the thing. Say what you will about the lack of a camera, front facing or back, but I still have my phone in my pocket if I want to take a picture, and I just don’t do the video chat thing anyway, so i haven’t missed the camera. Say what you will about the lack of Flash, but I don’t miss Flash at all, and in most cases I’m glad it’s blocked without me having to run a browser add-on to do it. The web without Flash is a much quieter, calmer place.

It’s still early, but I do think it’s a game changing device. I’ve been leaving the laptop at the desk and taking nothing but the iPad to meetings lately. Until you try working with it in this way day to day it may look like an expensive toy to you, but it’s so nice to be able to leave the laptop bag behind, leave the power supply behind, and not have to look for the nearest power outlet if it’s going to be a long meeting because you know the iPad is just going to keep going all day long.

I say it’s a winner.