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Tell iCal to Stop Sending Replies when you Accept a Meeting Invitation

March 24, 2008 in Mac | Comments (1)

I really don’t like that iCal takes it upon itself to send an email notification to the meeting organizer whenever I accept a meeting into my calendar. I pull them in from an IMAP client from my office Exchange mailbox, and if the meeting is in there, I’ve already responded to the organizer and don’t want to do it again. I finally found a right way to make it stop.

Find this script and open it with the script editor:


Now look for this function and stub it out with comments:

on send_mail_sbrp(subjectLine, messageText, myrecipient, myrecipientname, invitationPath)

Just type two dashes in front of every line between on send_mail_sbrp and end send_mail_sbrp, then hit the Compile button.

The next time you accept an appointment, iCal won’t send an email notification.

Even better would be to make it give me the option, or open the email so I can cancel it if I don’t want it to go out, but for now I’m happy with this.