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Backup Blues

October 24, 2006 in General | Comments (1)

I spend a lot of time putting systems in place to make sure that I have stuff backed up and that I’m notified if there are problems. Somehow I just never seem to be able to do enough of it. Something always slides past me and then, when catastrophes occur, I cannot recover as quickly or as completely as I had hoped.

The server at my web host tanked yesterday. Spent the whole day without service, email or otherwise. Everything finally came back, but my databases were from September 23rd, over a month ago. I thought that was cool since I knew I had nightly backups on my home machine, designed to keep me from losing more than a day’s worth of data.

Looked in the backup folder, the newest I had was August 1st.

So somewhere along the line my system failed and I didn’t get notified. Things that are backed up never seem to fail. You are almost guaranteed to need the backup that you did not make.

Time to review my systems, plug some holes, put in some more notifications. Then I have to look what other systems I need to monitor my backups, and what else I need to monitor my monitors.

Regardless, I suppose I just need to learn to roll with it when data disappears or gets messed up. It’s not something I can ever actually, completely prevent.