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Quantum Gaming

October 7, 2005 in General | Comments (0)

This article over at, by the incredible Charles Cooper, incited some debate over Mr. Cooper’s venerable opinions, leading me to this blog to see how “Dave c.” would expand upon the arguments he posted against the article. Turns out to be a lot of thought provoking information about games and gaming on this blog, so I figured it was worth noting.

Fixing Weird DVD Problems

October 4, 2005 in General | Comments (0)

My DVD burner had gone on the fritz… well, Windows couldn’t see it anymore. The BIOS could see it, Knoppix could see it, my wife walked in the room and even she could see it, but Windows couldn’t see it.

I had tried all sorts of things trying to get it fixed. In the meanwhile I was trying to fix a strange IE problem as well, so I uninstalled a bunch of unnecessary stuff. Apparently part of what I removed might have been Easy CD Creator, and if you remove that it can botch up the way Windows recognizes your CD-ROM drivers.

I stumbled across this solution on the Microsoft news groups. A couple of quick registry edits and my DVD burner is now available to me again. This is an incredible world in which we live.