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If you’ve spent any time in the Shadow Shard (Firebase Zulu) fighting against the Soliers of Rularuu, you know what a Netterling is. These are annoying little flying turds who try to ruin your day by pelting you with purple blobs of goo. They are not so bad by themselves, but if there are two or more of them gathered in one place, then you could be in for some trouble.

Netterlings are nasty little critters, and when the going gets tough, they get going, so plan on having to chase them down from time to time. If they start to feel threatened and there is another Netterling around, they will flee to this other Netterling and combine with it to form a Bull Netterling. The Bull Netterling is bigger, meaner, and more annoying than the Netterlings that made it, and it will con a level higher than they were (two red-con Netterlings will make a nice, fat purple Bull Netterling). Bull Netterlings have a hold attack that traps your arms in what appears to be a purple tire tube if you don’t have protection from status attacks.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the shard with my Energy/Energy Blaster and my Dark Melee/Regeneration Scrapper, so here is my advice for dealing with Netterlings from those two perspectives.


When you see a bunch of Netterlings gathered together, be sure to scan for any Bulls already in the bunch. You need to remove them as quickly as possible before they can put a hold on you. Likewise, when you go after the Netterlings themselves, make sure you defeat them before they can run off and join with another Netterling.


Since a regen Scrapper is immune to status effects with Integration, you can play the Netterlings a little differently. In this case, you actually [i]want[/i] them to combine. When you con a group that has two or more Netterlings in it, run up and punch one in the face, then turn around an punch the other one. Keep punching until one of them is low enough that it goes to combine with its brethren. When the Bull Netterling comes into being, the two Netterlings that spawned it are destroyed, but since you punched them both, you get experience points for each of them, and two possible inspiration or enhancement drops. As icing on the cake, you now have a higher level Bull Netterling to pound into submission. Without their hold power, they don’t pose much of a threat at all, and you get experience points for three kills instead of two.

Netterlings by themselves don’t pose much of threat, so you can leave them for last when you’re fighting a big group of Rularuu. A Netterling will never combine with another Netterling from another group, but he will try to run away if he’s badly hurt. The big trick is to con the groups correctly. If two groups are near each other and con the same color, you might think two Netterlings are together and try force them to combine, but they won’t do it. Likewise, if you’re trying to pick them off cleanly and your AoE attack damages one from another group without killing it, it may go off and combine without you knowing it until the spare tire gets thrown around your shoulders.

MMO-Town Gaming Forum

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We’ve set up a new forum to discuss MMO games and other web-based silliness at You’re welcome to drop by and take a look if you wish. I know there are lots of forums to post in out there, but we’re hoping to collect at least a handful of folks who like to talk about games and whatever else is going on. Generalized silliness is welcome, parody threads are encouraged. Unless you come in trying to hack us up or annoy people with meanness or inappropriate posting (unlabeled NSFW postings and such) then we should get along just fine.

We’re just now setting up shop, so if you want to be in on the ground floor drop on by. Only time will tell if we’ll be a success or a flash in the pan, but there are so many people on the web that we figure at least a few fun folks will join our community. It will be a community moderated forum, so if you show up, fit in, have fun, and want to be involved in the way the forum grows, now is your chance.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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Apparently SCO knew going in that there was no infringing code in the Linux kernel. What were they thinking?

MMOG Sweat Shops

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Here’s an article about guys who run MMOG sweat shops, hiring people for pennies an hour to farm gold in online games and sell it for real world cash. I’ve read about individuals who have quit their real jobs for such pursuits, but this takes it to the extreme.

Something Flash is Good For

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Just don’t try to write real business applications with it.