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Images: Online gaming worlds going mainstream | CNET

May 31, 2005 in General | Comments (0)

A few pictures from current and upcoming games including Virtual Magic Kingdom, World of Warcraft, Tabula Rasa, and LOTR Online.

A related story is here.

One Year Later – Hard to believe I still love this game so much

May 17, 2005 in City of Heroes | Comments (0)

Was just noticing that it’s been over a year since I started playing City of Heroes. I play it as much, if not more, now as I did when it was brand new. A year ago my first hero was only around level 16. It took me most of the year to get him to level 50, but, as much as I do play, I don’t qualify as a power gamer I suppose.

Many of my online friends stayed with the game as long as I have, although since Guild Wars came out a lot of them have wandered over there. I bought a copy of Guild Wars, but so far it just has not grabbed me. I got a trial membership for Lineage 2 as well, but it doesn’t look like anything I’m going to stay interested in.

So here it is, one year later, and City of Heroes is still my favorite game, probably of all time.

Blog Spamming Revisited

May 16, 2005 in General | Comments (0)

In looking at my stats, it’s interesting to see that the blog spamming continues, although there will be no benefit from it for the spammers since I stubbed out the history pages and such. Like email spammers, they could really care less if the recipient address is good, or if the destination blog will actually show a good trackback link to their junky gambling site. Quantity over quality is the rule of the day. Technology allows such an incredible amount of junk to be sprayed across the web that we will always be at a disadvantage trying to filter it out.

Sober worm goes into hibernation – Related to current German spam flood?

May 15, 2005 in General | Comments (0)

We received an incredible flood of German spam, starting last night and rolling on into this morning. I did a little googling and found the linked article. It’s too soon to tell, but I wonder if the Sober worm just woke up and started sending all of this spam. Since Sober sent itself around with English and German, often political, messages attached, it seems reasonable that it may be the source of the latest flood.

“The Sober worm is programmed to ‘poll’ out to the Internet to see if a new component update is available,” said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos. “What that update does is entirely up to the virus author — it could mean all of those infected machines could launch a new virus outbreak, begin a DDoS attack, or initiate a spam campaign.”

From that quote the odds seem pretty good.