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House approves tougher indecency fines

February 20, 2005 in General | Comments (0)

And so it begins.

How many of your freedoms are you really willing to give up, America? It’s time for the government to pull its nose out of our business. It should not be up to the government to decide what we can and cannot watch, listen to, do, or say in the privacy of our own homes. All you lazy parents need to learn to work the channels on your TV’s and radios and stop waiting for the government to raise your kids. Get off your ass and do your job.

Indecency Legislation

February 16, 2005 in General | Comments (0)

If you haven’t, you should take the time to write to your congressmen about the proposed indecency legislation on the books (the House is actually voting on one bill today). If you value your freedom of speech, you will voice your displeasure over this type of legislation. Giving the government more control over what we can and cannot hear, see, or read sets a dangerous precedent. It may sound like a good idea, but if we start down that road they will eventually be telling you that you can’t say something you think is important, but by then it will be too late.

Multiple Browsers IDN Spoofing Test

February 15, 2005 in General | Comments (0)

I remember Microsoft took a lot of heat over this kind of vulnerability. I guess they’re not the only ones.

Judge slams SCO’s lack of evidence against IBM | CNET

February 10, 2005 in General | Comments (0)

“Despite the vast disparity between SCO’s public accusations and its actual evidence–or complete lack thereof–and the resulting temptation to grant IBM’s motion, the court has determined that it would be premature to grant summary judgment,” Kimball wrote. “Viewed against the backdrop of SCO’s plethora of public statements concerning IBM’s and others’ infringement of SCO’s purported copyrights to the Unix software, it is astonishing that SCO has not offered any competent evidence to create a disputed fact regarding whether IBM has infringed SCO’s alleged copyrights through IBM’s Linux activities.”

I am so anxious for SCO get their comeuppance.

Microsoft: Longhorn beta will arrive by June

February 7, 2005 in General | Comments (0)

Not that I’m in any hurry to race to June (I’m just getting used to it being 2005 as it is), but I’m really anxious to see this beta.

PlayStation Portable

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According to this article, you can get one on March 24th.

XBOX 2 Release Info

February 6, 2005 in General | Comments (0)

This probably only matters to me in that I might buy an older one if they really do drop to $99.00.

Using HIV to Cure Cancer in Mice

February 5, 2005 in General | Comments (0)

More blog backfill from Slashdot. I thought this story was interesting.

Stopping Drive-by Downloads

February 4, 2005 in General | Comments (0)

Interesting because I recently went through a bit of study to determine if a certificate was actually useful. Since Microsoft Authenticode signatures are only really used by Microsoft’s browser, the value becomes somewhat dubious as more and more people adopt Firefox (I have finally made this my default browser). Likewise, when the authentication scams recounted in this article occur, it casts even more doubt on the value of such a certificate.

Why Does Windows Still Suck? Another whimpering Mac user still can’t figure it out

February 3, 2005 in Rants | Comments (2)

I love reading these articles. Because his significant other (or SO as he calls her) had a hard time with a Windows install, he now decries Windows as flawed and unsafe and wonders why all computer users don’t beat a path to Apple’s door, or switch to Linux. He admits to having used Macs for 15 years or so, but doesn’t seem to realize how this has blinded him. He dismisses the argument that the Mac would be the target if the Mac had the market share, claiming that the Mac OS is more secure.

Well, I agree that the Mac OS, and Linux OS, are more secure, but are they secure enough? If Macs were on 90% of desktops this would get tested, there can be no doubt. Until then it’s just conjecture.

Myself, I just don’t know that many people who have had these incredible problems with Windows. The few that have had difficulty tend to go to questionable web sites that exploit IE flaws (one person I know who has serious problems with spyware and such can’t seem to stay away from the porn). My mom runs Windows, and she connects to the internet all the time. Sure, she’s had to remove some spyware here and there, probably from game sites, but she’s never had the same problems this guy describes with his SO’s “creaking VIAO.”

The best part is the pop-up that shows up on his site: Click here to see it. It’s an ad that falsely claims to have found or to be inspecting your machine for spyware. Mister high and mighty can’t resist putting putting popups on his page.

Face it: Mac’s are too expensive and Linux is too hard for most people, plus all the best games are on Windows. Maybe the Mac Mini will make a difference (I’d like to have one), but we’ll have to wait and see. I’m no OS zealot, I don’t care what you run (I run several), but if you can’t make one run right, maybe you have something to do with it.