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Outsourced Netscape Merges Firefox, IE

November 30, 2004 in General | Comments (0)

In my attempt to become a more consistent blogger, I have come up with this tidbit by simply browsing Slashdot and stealing one of their links.

It is an interesting link, however. Netscape outsourced their browser to Mercurial Communications, who used Mozilla’s Firefox browser as its base. The big feature they added was the ability to load a page with an embedded Internet Explorer web browser component. Woohoo.

I keep wondering how long Microsoft is going to continue to sit on their hands over this. You would think that they would want to roll a new browser out the door in a hurry (admittedly, I haven’t gone digging to see what they’re up to, but the last few articles I read just sort of said that they weren’t too worried about Firefox, etc.).

I spent part of my morning cleaning up some spyware crap off of my wife’s machine and installing Firefox as her default browser. This also got me wondering how long it will be before the script kiddies start finding and targeting Firefox flaws instead of Internet Explorer flaws. Sure, Firefox claims to be secure, but if it gains market share, then it will become the new target. It will be interesting to watch.

Ten Most Wanted Design Bugs

November 29, 2004 in General | Comments (0)

I thought this was an interesting article, gleened from todays’s Slashdot. Interesting that many of the design bugs listed come from the Mac world. How refreshing, when everything tends to be Microsoft’s fault these days.

Of course, after reading the list, I would submit this as yet another design bug:

Bug Name: But you said it would do this…

Duration: Since the dawn of time

Supplier: Yours truly

Alias: False advertising

Product: Ten Most Wanted Design Bugs

Bug: Promises something it cannot deliver. In this case, promises ten bugs, but delivers only seven.

Class of error: See his entry on Let’s you save me some work – he wants you to come up with the other three

Principle: The concept was good, but there wasn’t really enough content to support the title. Rather than change the title, give the reader the chance to flesh it out.

Discussion: I believe I’ve been typing long enough.

Engaging Bosses

November 18, 2004 in Blaster | Comments (0)

This is really so obvious that it hardly needs mentioning, but it’s surprising how often I forget to do it, so I’m posting it anyway.

Once you get over the issue of debt (debt doesn’t take all that long to work off, you can still level in debt, and debt lets you earn more influence to keep your enhancements green when you hit the next level), you start to figure out that it’s okay to tangle with a tougher than normal boss at the tail end of a mission. If you get defeated, the mission experience will immediately start to offset the debt, and if you don’t get defeated then you’ll be that much closer to level, so it’s not a bad gamble.

Here’s what to do so you don’t screw up.

First, make sure you have a revive inspiration of some sort in your inventory.

Now, engage the boss. I don’t care what you hit him with, but do something to aggravate him. Alpha strike is a good idea, but piss him off.

Next, run away.

This is the key. This boss might take you down, but you should have (hopefully) weakened him considerably in the process. If you can wade right back in, odds are good you’ll take him down while his hit points are reduced.

The mistake is fighting him on his own turf, getting defeated, and then laying at his feet, unable to rez without getting defeated again while you’re woozy. If you run off, the boss will follow you to finish the fight. If you get defeated, he’ll wander back to his starting place, leaving you room to rez and then tangle with him again.

If you fall too close and have to go to the hospital, the boss can do a lot of healing while you’re hoofing it back to the mission map. Be sure to drag him off home base, just in case.

Blog Mentality

November 3, 2004 in General | Comments (0)

I don’t seem to have it. Some people seem to be able to post in their blog every day, but I’m apparently not one of them. What’s the trick?

Maybe I worry too much about whether I have anything worthwile to say. The trick to writing is to write. I have to get over it and just write. Even if I write a bunch of crap, occasionally a gem is bound to emerge.

Rikti Hunting Tips for Snipers

November 2, 2004 in Blaster,Tips & Tricks | Comments (0)

On a recent Rikti outdoor mission, I discovered some good ways to hunt Rikti (or any bad guy that tends to sleep, hold, or stun you) if you have some good long range attacks. The worst thing about getting stunned, slept, or held is the melee damage you take when you can’t move, especially from big Rikti blades.

In a city zone, there are a couple of places you can perch where the bad guys cannot reach you. If there are telephone wires running through the zone, try standing or hovering over the wires before you snipe. Now if you get stunned, you’ll land on the wires. For some reason the Rikti will not jump up on the wires to hit you. You can still take damage from ranged attacks, but if you can weather those you’ll get another shot. Trade snipes with a Headman Gunner and you’re probably going to win.

The other place to hang out is on a window ledge or air conditioning unit on the side of a building. Again, just stand on it or hover right above it. If you get knocked down, you’ll fall on the ledge, not on the ground where the melee fighters can hit you. Enemies won’t climb the wires and won’t climb the buildings to reach you… they’ll only use the fire escapes, so don’t stand too close to those.

This works great against Headman and Headman Gunners, but I have not tried it against Chief Mentalists. Mentalists can keep you asleep for a long time, so be careful that there aren’t too many other ranged damage dealers nearby before you start unless you’re pretty sure you can take the Mentalist down in 1 or 2 shots.

City of Heroes Registry

November 1, 2004 in City of Heroes | Comments (0)

As usual, City of Heroes has been keeping me too busy to post in my blog, but I have managed to squeeze in some spare moments to put up a new web application.

The City of Heroes Registry is a place for me and my online friends to track the progress of our various hero characters within the game. The crew I hang around with frequents the So There forum, so that’s who you’ll see on the hero list, although there’s nothing stopping anyone who wants to from signing up for an account and registering their heroes.

A lot more features are planned, but right now it mainly lets you enter your heroes, with a picture if you like, and then track when they level. Hitting the quick leveling buttons (when you’re logged in) will automatically post a level announcement on So There. If you decide to create a hero in the Registry, you might want to join in on the conversation over at So There as well.

Follow the link to see how it works. There’s more information about how to sign up, planned features, and things like that. Right now bug tracking goes on in a thread on the So There forum, so if you see any problems, please report them there.