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January 23, 2008 in Paper Geek | Comments (0)

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I just got some Uniball Signo bit pens from Jet Pens. Jet Pens is a great place to get cool pens that are hard to find in the United States, like the Pilot Hi-Tec C. The Uniball Signo bit is touted as being the “World’s thinnest pen.” I like writing with a very fine pen, and this one is easily the thinnest I’ve ever seen. Almost like writing with a very sharp pencil, the tiny tip can seem to be scratching against smooth Moleskine paper until you get the right touch. The lines from my 0.38’s look downright chunky and bold in comparison with the 0.18mm lines from these.

If you’re a fine point fan, you need to give them a look. They’re not cheap, though, so be sure you mean it.

Uni-Ball Signo Bit

Normon Rockwell Photoshops

February 29, 2004 in Paper Geek | Comments (0)

I decided it was time to dust off some of the comedy Photoshop images I’ve done over time and publish them here on my blog. Most of these were submitted to another site, and some of them were published there. I’ve got enough of them to keep up a good stream of daily posts if nothing else comes to me in the meantime.

I’ve gone cool on all the Photoshop stuff recently (although I should admit that I use Paint Shop Pro and not Adobe Photoshop – Photoshop is too rich for my tastes and I don’t want to warez it, and The Gimp sucks), but I was big into it for a while.

Anyway, one of the series I worked on was to take Norman Rockwell paintings and Photoshop them, so I’ll start with those. This one isn’t much, but it will be better if I do the crappy ones first.