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The Power of the Marginal

December 4, 2009 in Links | Comments (0)

I just can’t stop reading this essay by Paul Graham: The Power of the Marginal. Deeply insightful, it encourages me to remember that mainstream is not the goal, but usually a side effect of something that entered from the periphery and became accepted. Just as anything mundane was once innovative, things in the mainstream were once in the margins. To really get hold of something, you have to grasp it at the edges.

Flash Element TD | Novel Concepts

April 22, 2007 in General,Links | Comments (0)

My current favorite online time waster, this game is one where you drop towers to defend yourself from various “creeps” who traverse the map and try to get out through your back door. Sort of odd that the minute they get out they come right back in, but it’s still strangely engaging game play. Always fascinates me how something this simple can keep you enthralled for so long. If you’ve got lots to do, don’t follow this link.

Link to Flash Element TD | Novel Concepts

City of Heroes Registry

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MMO-Town Forum

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Instances of Bonemouse

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The Central Nexus

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